Hi my name is Kevin Devos and I am currently a freelance photographer/videographer live in Wilmington, IL. I have always had a love for photography and the way light behaves. And I come from a long line of photographers, way back to my great Grandfather. 
I was inspired by the many creative films on www.brickfilms.com and so I started with stop motion movies back when I was but a boy. Then I moved onto 120mm film with a handmade pinhole camera, capturing images by hand. Then I progressed into digital photography, given that you can capture images without the problems caused by using film. Film will always have its place and thanks to dear friend and mentor, I bought the Minolta XE-7. A true marvel of engineering and oh how wonderful the feeling of the shutter opening and closing, capturing that short burst of light. 
Use of images without permission is prohibited. Interested in the use of my services? Please contact me at: 


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